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Crossed Sabers Coffee

Whiskey Barrel

Whiskey Barrel

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This Special Edition Blend, Whiskey Barrel, is a traditional, single-origin blend of coffee aged in a whiskey barrel for 30 days and then roasted to order.

The Cavalry enjoyed their downtime with a little bit of whiskey. Why not try a smooth-tasting blend with a few whiskey notes?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Daniel Laubacher

I don’t drink coffee but my wife does and she said the coffee she had was the best she ever had. I bought her 4 bags for Christmas and she loves it.


I was really excited when my husband showed me Crossed Sabers Coffee Co. as we had been trying for years to move away from another coffee company. Even though Whiskey Barrel was a dark roast, we knew he had to try it. My husband isn’t a fan of dark roasted coffee and prefers Medium, but he really wanted to try the Whiskey Barrel. He was incredibly disappointed by it. It pours so clear he can see through it and has said there is very little flavor to it. The beans are also incredibly light in color and it looks as though there has been no roasting process to it. My husband said it tastes like a Light Roast, which is fine except it’s supposed to be a dark roast. He still has another bag to try (of a medium roast), but the excitement has definitely died. If the dark roast is see through when poured and tastes like a light roast, how is a medium roast going to be any better?

Gretchen - We apologize for the experience you have had with our Whiskey Barrel roast. Yes, it is more on the medium side of roasting but with its smoky, whiskey flavor it's classified as a dark roast. We suggest adding more coffee to the drip filter to match the consistency of what you are used to.

McCartney McAlexander
So amazing!!

I’m a barista and it is and I’m hooked! So good


This coffee has such an incredible flavor. So yummy. Highly recommend to all coffee lovers.

Thank you for your 5 star review! The Whiskey Barrel is our favorite!

Chase Jacques
Awesome tasting coffee

Came across this company on one the Cavalry or Armored unit pages I follow on Instagram and being a coffee guy figure give it a try and can say one best coffees I’ve had. Very smooth and amazing smell to it and shipping was fast. I plan to order more and try the other blends from this company.

Thank you for the review! Be sure to tell all of your friends, and by the way, love the mug!